Comprehensive Achievement Center

The Comprehensive Achievement Center (“CAC”) provides special education and other support services to children with learning differences and their families. ​We want every child to flourish and therefore provide over $70,000 in private tutoring subsidies in addition to our gratis drop-in center and other support services.

More about the Comprehensive Achievment Center :

Students – Approximately 100 students currently participate in the CAC and are seeing positive results in Limudei Kodesh and Chol. In addition to test scores, students self-esteem have gone up due to their achievements.

Financials – CAC subsidizes up to 2/3 of the cost of special education to students with learning differences whose parents are unable to afford the full cost. Parents are responsible for the other 1/3.

Staff – CAC is staffed with a team of professional special education teachers and tutors who work with these children individually according to their particular needs.

Teaching Methodologies – Services and special education methodologies provided to our students include Lindamood Bell Learning Process, Orton-Gillingham, Project Read, experiential learning, occupational therapy, tactile or kinesthetic learning, psychology and counseling.

Your support will enable our students to flourish and make an invaluable impact on their lives forever!

Sample Profiles Recipients (Some incidental facts have been altered to protect the privacy of the families)

  • HG was diagnosed with severe dyslexia when he was 8 years old. In as much as almost every subject in school requires reading, HG is at an extreme disadvantage in the classroom. HG requires specialized tutoring in order to learn how to read in a different way and to better organize his thoughts in written form. The cost of his tutoring is very costly and has put a large financial strain on his family.
  • YA is afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome, a type of autism that affects his social and organizational skills. While extremely bright, YA is easily overwhelmed by environmental stressors and very often gets stuck on details while the class has already moved on. His condition makes it hard for him to maintain friendships and creates a difficult home environment.
  • NF moved to America with his family a few years ago with very little money and knows almost no English. An older brother had come a few years previously and took the responsibility to support his family by himself. They struggled both financially and to acclimate themselves to America. The children required extensive tutoring in order for them to gain from their learning.
  • PS’s father works for very low wages and his mother was recently let go from her job. PS is severely learning disabled and requires many special tutors. Without this specialized tutoring, the child doesn’t gain from a regular classroom.

​Help our students Achieve the Skills and Confidence they need in order to succeed!